14th century

The dynasty Sandizell separates into the branches Sandizell of Großhausen, Sandizell to Edelshausen, Sandizell to Mühlhausen and Sandizell to Odelzhausen. Stephanus of Sandizell (1393 - 1467) was prior, cellarer, librarian and author of theological writings at the Scheyern monastery.


First mention of the fortification of Sandizell as Hofmark.


Hochprant of Sandizell (died 1502) inherits the rule over Waldeck with Miesbach for the family, which is sold 1516 to the Maxlrainers.


Establishment of the Birgittinian monastery as a double monastery for both women and men in Altomünster on behalf of Duke Georg the Rich by his privy councillor Wolfgang von Sandizell and his wife Eva. Wolfgang of Sandizell gets relics of the holy Birgitta by Pope Alexander VI. He dies 1525 in Altomünster as lay brother with the reputation of sanctity.